Hi, friend! I can’t believe how far we’ve come!

It is no secret that professional photography is a luxury, so I want to thank you again for trusting me with your memories. It truly means the world. It is sooooo important that you love your images + get the highest quality possible because, well, you deserve it!

Quick review: standard turn around time is 8-12 business weeks for weddings + 3-4 business weeks for sessions, not including holidays. As stated in your contract, however, it may take longer! Many things affect when + how much I can edit each day, including but not limited to the time of the year, my shooting schedule, meetings, my primary roles as a wife + dog mom, and most importantly my physical + mental health. (Tendonitis and carpal tunnel are real + absolutely no fun, but I’m incredibly thankful to have found a doctor that is committed to helping me find relief. And if you know me even a little bit you know that I am a firm advocate for mental health, especially after living through an ongoing pandemic! It’s been a roller coaster, y’all.)

A gentle reminder that as a small business, it’s just me + my amazing part time team member Caroline over here behind the scenes! There are many daily tasks involved in keeping everything running smoothly, and my style of editing takes time as each image is meticulously hand edited + never goes out until all the final touches are in place. Just check out the main steps involved!

I want to thank you in advance for your patience + grace, especially during these crazy seasons of change. It will be well worth the wait, I promise. <3

Current Queue In Order of Editing


Alexis + Summer – First Round

Kasey + Shana – First Round

Agnes + Edon – Culled

Caitlin + Trey – Culled

Amy + Carol – Culled

Marybeth + Ramu – Culled

Carol + Ryan – Culled


Caitlin Bridal Session

Barnett family session

Amy + Carol engagements

Chelsey + Matt engagements

Lela + Jason engagements

Have any questions or concerns? Don’t forget to check your contract! Can’t wait for you to see your gallery!