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Of course not. No one NEEDS anything except air, food, sleep, + caffeine. (Just being real.) But I HIGHLY recommend it!! First of all, it gives us time to get to know each other more. More importantly, it allows us to address the elephant (er, camera) that will be in the room on your wedding day. Most people aren’t super comfortable getting their photo taken, and an engagement session helps us see how we all work together so that we NAIL it on the big day!

Again, NEED? Nope. I am absolutely comfortable + capable of capturing your wedding day by myself. A second does come in handy, though! If you + your partner are getting ready separately, I can be with one of you while my second is with the other. Running a little behind on time? I can’t be in two places at once, but with two people we can each be doing different things to get us back on track. Are you having a cocktail hour + want portraits but we still need to do wedding party photos? Guess what? 😉 I think you get the idea!

I am so fortunate that Memphis has an AMAZING group of photographers! I know many other full time photogs, and we all take turns seconding for each other as our schedules allow. I would absolutely NEVER hire a second who I did not trust. In the case of a destination wedding, there are many wedding industry groups that I am part of + have lots of connections across the US!

Absolutely! If your venue requires documentation I can definitely send them over my info. I have all of my gear insured as well as liability insurance. Honestly, even if you don’t choose me as your photographer, PLEASE make sure who you do choose has these things! Its as much for your protection as it is theirs.

Um YES. LOVE THAT JOURNEY FOR ME. (Please tell me you watch Schitt’s Creek??) I am definitely down to travel. I am available for anywhere in the US + most places outside of the country as well.

In full transparency I will be up front + let you know that I am NOT a rule breaker when it comes to permits, so we’ll have to make sure all the proper paperwork is in place.

Yes! When I send over pricing to you, it will already include any travel + lodging fees! I will book all of my own accommodations with the retainer fee once it is paid. I’m gonna keep it real, travel can get expensive. Airfare, Ubers, meals, hotels… it adds up quick! I do try + ease the burden a bit by offering 10% off of the package total to offset those travel costs, though, so don’t shy away. Let’s talk about it!

Imma be real, asking for RAW images is like going to a bakery + asking for the eggs, flour, milk, and sugar that goes into a cake instead of an ACTUAL cake. What sense does that make?! (Also I am a terrible cook so I honestly don’t know what all goes into a cake. Just roll with it.)

All of your delivered images will be hand edited in my current editing style. As a general rule, editing can take up to four hours for every ONE HOUR of photographing, and I pour everything I have into making sure you receive an absolutely gorgeous gallery. Unedited and RAW images will not be released for any reason.

Truth time? I didn’t even know my camera did video when I first got it. (WHOOPS.) So in case that didn’t answer your question, I do not offer any video services. Videography is vastly different from photography, even if we do use the same gear! So I’ll leave it to the professionals. I am very happy to give you some recs of amazing videographers in the Memphis or Nashville areas, though!

You are more than welcome to print wherever you would like! I can provide a print release if needed. However, I cannot guarantee the colors will match any lab other than the one I print from. If you have any questions, we can definitely talk about it more!

Your retainer fee is due when you sign the contract. The remaining balance is due no later than two weeks before the big day! I’ve had some people pay their balance a little each month, and some pay in one lump sum. It makes no difference to me!

A non-refundable retainer fee of $1000 secures your date, regardless of what package you choose, along with the signed contract.

EVERYTHING, from signing the contract to paying, is done online. BLESS. You can pay via your client portal using PayPal or a card, mail a personal check, or we can meet up in person if you’d like to pay cash! One rule: I don’t accept payment through a third party. So if someone else is gifting you photography for your wedding day, they need to gift you the money so that you can pay your fees directly. (I don’t mean to be a hassle, it’s just to protect my biz! <3)

You will receive your final images via online gallery! From there, you’ll be able to download your photos, share the link with whoever you’d like, as well as order prints + albums.

Of course! This is a day of celebration + I know your friends and fam cannot wait. However, you + your partner have made quite an investment into photography, and I want you to get the absolute best.

During formal portraits, guests are welcome to take photos from the side so long as they remember everyone should be looking at me. Unfortunately we won’t have time to deviate from our list of formal shots, but they’ll be able to get some great candids!

Also, I don’t recommend having anyone present for first looks or couple portraits. These are often very intimate + private moments, and I will go full Mama Bear on anyone who is distracting you guys from each other. If we need someone to help with dresses or veils or anything else, we’ll grab ONE member of your wedding party to tag along + help!

Is that okay? IS THAT OKAY? Of courseeeeee. If that wasn’t okay, no one would get to photograph anyone! I totally feel you. I am so awkward in front of a camera, and my wife is actually worse than I am- and we do multiple photo sessions a year!

I don’t expect you to be models. I don’t expect you to “know what to do.” That’s why you hired me, after all! I will totally guide you + help you along the way. The only thing I cannot do is make you have a good attitude about it, so just keep an open mind + bring the joy + I’ll take care of the rest.

First things first (I’m the realest – DAMN YOU IGGY AZALEA) I have never had anything happen where I was unable to photograph a wedding. (Knock on wood.) However, life happens + one day something may arise that prevents me from fulfilling a commitment.

If you hire a second photographer, they will step into the role of main photographer + I will find a replacement for second photog. As mentioned previously, I only work with people I 100% trust can shoot your wedding just as good (if not better) than I can. Most of the seconds I use also run their own photography businesses + have the experience of running a wedding. If a second photographer hasn’t been booked, then I will select another photographer to stand in for me.

I will still be the one to edit ALL of your photos in either of these scenarios! However, you have 100% approval. If you are not comfortable with any of the alternatives available, you will receive a full refund minus any fees for services already provided (like an engagement session.)


An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to not use any cameras, cell phones, iPads, gaming systems, or anything else these youngsters may have that can take a photo. In today’s society, we are all sooooo guilty of living our lives behind screens (myself included!) But your wedding ceremony is special + should be watched in real time!

I highly suggest having an unplugged ceremony. If you do, I would be sure to have some signage as people enter the ceremony area, and bonus points if your officiant can make an announcement before the ceremony begins. If you don’t like the idea of this, that’s okay! I know there are some circumstances where people have their phones up for legitimate reasons (like FaceTiming family members who can’t be present!)

However, most of the time I cannot remove any of the devices from the photos without creating a noticeable discrepancy (like chopping off someone’s arms, haha.) So any that are photographed will be there forever!

I’m not like a regular photog, I’m a cool photog.

Not only do I have sweet dance moves (no I don’t) I pour my whole heart into each + every wedding. I interned for eight months to gain experience, and before January 2019, I worked a full time job as well as being a full time photographer. It was hard, I definitely made some sacrifices, but the joy I feel in doing something I truly love after working retail since I was 16 is indescribable.

I am constantly investing in continuing education to provide the best experience for my couples, I value everyone’s time + money during the entire process, and most importantly, I don’t try to be someone I’m not. At my core, I’m just an average, ordinary person who works hard + loves a damn good love story. <3

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