Memphis Wedding Photographer

Fun. Silly. Awkward. Weird. Goofy. In love. REAL. Sound like you + your babe? Well then hi, hello, nice to meet ya, you’re in the right place on the search for your Memphis Wedding Photographer!

Do you believe in magic? Because I do, 100%. Not like the Harry Potter wand magic (although if I ever get my Hogwarts letter I will deny I said this) but in the magic of love + connection. (It’s real. I’ve seen it. Seriously.)

I believe 100% that connection should also extend to your wedding photographer. If you’re dreaming of the most flawless, elegant, magazine-worthy wedding in the history of all weddings, I’m probably not the right Memphis photographer for you. If you know you want to laugh, have fun, go with the flow, and at the end of the day be drunk in love cuz you married your best friend, then we should definitely talk!

What’s that saying, give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world? Well, give THIS girl a camera and lots of caffeine and she can conquer anything. At my core, I’m just an ordinary person who loves love and has found my life’s purpose in being a Memphis wedding photographer.

If asked, I would describe my photography style as part documentary / part formal with a focus on warmth, inclusivity, and joy. ALL love is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated! But truthfully, your photos go far beyond my “style” of shooting and editing. This is a journey, and my job is to help make sure it’s the best one yet.

Out of all the wedding photographers out there, I am so pumped that you have found your way to me. This is THE day, no do-overs, and I’m ready to be there beside you as you celebrate your love out loud, in front of all of your friends + family. Because you deserve it, and so much more!

So, what do you think? Interested in possibly joining the JMP fam? Make sure to take a peek at more of my work below, and then say hi here!